PST File Splitter for Outlook – Split Emails & Other Items

You can use Split PST software for splitting PST files easily. You can use this software as a complete solution for splitting Outlook items

Has your Outlook’s speed impacted due to the presence of large sized PST files, making it difficult for you to perform the emailing operations quickly? Has it become difficult for you to manage your Outlook email client? Are you using any older Outlook version (2000/2002) and worried about the probable corruption due to the exceeded file size limit of 2 GB in ANSI PST? Then, don’t panic any longer as we have an efficient solution to solve your trouble. You can split PST files of large size using Split PST software that will divide PST files of large size into smaller PST files, which will increase Outlook’s speed and will prevent the prospective corruption.

Why You Will Need To Split PST? You might need to split PST files or to split Outlook email of large size into smaller parts using a third-party Outlook splitter tool, like Split PST software, in some adverse situation. Some of them are as follows:

  • Outlook Speed Lowers Due to Bulky PST Files: Massive PST files can lower the speed of Outlook greatly and thus can create problems in managing Outlook and in searching email information. It can also make the working on Outlook very time consuming for you. You can split PST files using our software and can solve this trouble.
  • Outlook Application Can Be Corrupted: ANSI PST, format of Microsoft Outlook’s older versions (97, 2000, 2002/XP) has a limit of maximum PST file size of 2 GB. It does not support PST files larger than this 2GB size. If any of your PST file is approaching this limit and you don’t wish to switch to a newer Outlook version (2003 or 2007), then you can split PST files of large size into smaller parts using our software and prevent this corruption problem.

Split Almost All MS Outlook PST Mailbox Items: Using Split PST software, you can split Outlook items including mail messages, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, notes, To-do list and the rest.

FREE Demo Version of the Software (Download Online)


Download Split Large PST Files

Software Version : 4.0

File Size:
4.81 MB

You can easily download the FREE Demo version of Split PST software online. You can use this trial version to get acquainted with the tool and to evaluate software’s performance in splitting PST files. Demo Version will allow you to split first 50 items of each Outlook folder. For splitting ALL the Outlook mailbox items, you will need the Full Licensed Version of our software.

Software Requirements: You need the following to be installed on your system to successfully perform the process of splitting PST files:

  • Split PST software
  • MS Outlook PST Files (configured or orphan)
  • MS Outlook 2010 (32 bit)/2007/2003/XP/2000/97.

List of Significant Software Features

Split PST software is feature-packed having many useful features. Some of the significant software features are given below:

  • Split ALL items of Outlook – split emails, contacts, calendars, journal, tasks, and others using our software
  • Split Outlook archives easily
  • Retain accurate Metadata or email properties (to, from, cc, etc)
  • Split UNLIMITED large sized PST files into UNLIMITED smaller PST files
  • See the detailed onscreen progress of the process to split PST file
  • New PST files of smaller sizes will be created
  • Retain original email data information. Our software won’t write anything on the original PST files.
  • Split all folders such as contacts, calendars, journals, emails folders (including Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Drafts etc).

Important Note Following are some important things to note about Split PST software:

  • Split PST software works only with working PST files.
  • Split PST software will not split oversized PST files.
  • Split PST software will not split corrupt PST files.

Full Licensed Version of the Software (Buy Now): To split ALL Outlook mailbox items from each PST folder, get the Full Licensed Version of Split PST software. Using this Full Version, you can split UNLIMITED PST items into UNLIMITED smaller PST files. We recommend you to first download the FREE Demo Version to evaluate the software’s performance before purchasing it. This will give you an idea about our software and you will be able to familiarize with it after purchasing the Full Version.