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Split Outlook Archives Get 5 PST Splitting Options!

You would like using Split PST software for splitting PST files. It is a feature-packed tool that gives you 5 different PST splitting options .

Are you facing difficulty in using your MS Outlook email client because of large sized PST files, which are hampering Outlook’s speed? Are you using an older Outlook version (97/200/2002) and worried about the probable corruption that might happen after your PST file size exceeds the 2 GD limit of ANSI PST? You can perform the PST file splitting process using Split PST software to break Outlook’s large PST files into several smaller sized PST files. After using this Outlook PST splitter tool to split PST file, your Outlook’s speed will increase to a large extent and Outlook corruption will also be prevented.

PST Splitting Options with Our Split PST Tool: Split PST software provides the following advanced PST splitting options to trim PST file:

  • Split by Size: This option lets you split according to the file size of any selected PST file. (Suppose you have a 10 MB PST file and you enter 5 in the "Enter the Size" field, then this PST splitter tool will split that file into 2 smaller PST files of 5 MB size each).
  • Split by Folder: This option lets you to split any selected PST file according to the number of folders. (Suppose you have 2 folders of 10 MB size each and you enter 5 in the "Enter the Size" field, then software will split the file in 4 small PST files of 5MB size each).
  • Split Selected Folders: This option lets you to split only selected folders. (Suppose you selected Inbox and Outbox folder, then this split Outlook software will create 2 small PST files, one for the "Inbox" folder and other for the "Outbox folder).
  • Split by Date: This option lets you split the PST file by a selected date. (Suppose you created 2 Outlook files, then the software will split it into two files, one before the selected date and other after the selected date).
  • Split bi-Yearly: This option lets you split the PST file by half year (For example – It creates Jan-Jun Outlook file for the first half and creates July-December file for the second half, each year).

Demo Version for FREE Trial of Our Software

You can avail the facility of FREE Demo version of Split PST software by downloading it online and using it to evaluate our product’s performance and efficiency in splitting PST files. You can split only 15 items of each Outlook PST folder using this Demo Version. For full PST file splitting process to split ALL mailbox items, buy the Full Version of the tool.

Features of Our Split PST Tool

Features of Our Split PST Tool Below mentioned are the significant features of Split PST software:

  • You can split Outlook archives using our software. It is a simple and intuitive tool which you can easily and comfortably use to split Outlook archive files.  
  • You can split all Outlook mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, journal, tasks, etc with the help of this PST splitter tool.
  • You can retain accurate Metadata (to, from, cc, bcc, etc).
  • You can break UNLIMITED large PST files into UNLIMITED smaller PST files.
  • You can see the detailed onscreen progress of PST split process.
  • Create new PST files of smaller size.
  • You will get original email information after the PST file splitting process as our tool does not write anything to the original files.
  • You can split ALL Outlook folders like contacts, calendars, journals, emails folders (Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Drafts etc).

Significant to Note Note the following important points carefully about Split PST tool:

  • Our software does not split corrupted PST files.
  • Our software works only with working PST files.

Full Version (UNLIMITED Splitting Allowed): To split ALL Outlook mailbox items from each folder, buy the Full Licensed Version of Split PST software. You can split UNLIMITED items of Outlook PST file into UNLIMITED number of smaller PST files using the Full Version of our software.   

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