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Solve Outlook PST File Problem by Inbox Repair Tool

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Outlook Stores mail object in a PST file hence, the Outlook data file (.pst) contains all contacts, emails, attachments, notes, journal entries etc. Sometimes, PST file, containing precious mail items get damages and you fail to access data from mail account. In such status, you need to recover corrupt PST file, using any Outlook recovery utility recover mail items back.

There are several reasons, for which Outlook PST file get damaged. Some of conspicuous reason includes header corruption of PST file, improper shut down of system, virus and malware infection, human error while modifying and opening files etc.

Apart from it another reason that element that cause data file corruption in Outlook 2000 and 2002 is increase in PST size above maximum allowable limit. In case of Outlook 2000 and 2002, the maximum inferred size of PST is 2 GB. When size of Outlook data file reaches 2 GB, Ms Outlook previews an error message signify the chances of corruption.

In case of PST corruption, Outlook shows several error messages signifying the same. Below are some commonly encountered error messages, in cases of PST corruption.

Error Messages illustrating corruption of PST file

File xxx.pst is not a personal folders file:

Error occurs when header of PST file is corrupted. An Outlook data file is analyzed by its header, which consists of file size, file signature and other necessary details about file. If header part becomes damage, Outlook cannot identify file.

Microsoft Outlook encountered problem and need to close. We are sorry for inconvenience:

This is astonishing error raised by Microsoft Outlook. It could be seen due to bugs in Outlook, defective messages and insufficient system resources. This situation may also result due to corruption of PST file.

Unable to exhibit folder, the file xxxx.pst could not be accessed. Access denied.

Error message shown when you try to open Outlook. This reveals a possible corruption in Outlook PST file. Due to corruption, Outlook cannot read hierarchical data from file and throws aforementioned error.

Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server – Receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C'

This error occurs when Outlook PST reached its maximum size limit 2 GB in Outlook 2002 and preceding versions). When file crosses this mark, it becomes subject to corruption. An oversized Outlook data file fails to perform several tasks in Outlook, such as receiving or sending emails, copying data from one to another folder etc.

Microsoft Outlook integrated with a default utility, Inbox repair Tool to recover damage PST file and access mail objects.

Repair Error by using Inbox Repair Tool:

Here are a few general tips to keep MS Outlook mailbox size small and to improve Outlook performance:

A backup file generated during repair process, to change default name or location of backup file, enter new name or browse file that you want to use.

In Folder list, you see folder named Recovered Personal Folders that contain default Outlook folders or Lost and Found folder that contains items recovered by Inbox Repair tool. Items that are gone from the Lost and Found folder cannot be recovered.

However, at a time if Outlook data file (.pst) gets damaged, Inbox Repair Tool fails to resolve the issues and you need to for an advance utility.

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